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MaxSim - Air Traffic Control Simulators

MaxSim is Adacel's line of high-fidelity simulators for civil and military ATC training and air traffic procedures testing and validation. The simulators emulate control tower and IFR control unit environments with sophisticated functionality to support the most intricate training requirements and procedure evaluation. Systems can be operated stand-alone or fully integrated and MaxSim includes automation features for unmanned positions. Command execution can be accomplished directly using Adacel’s speech recognition interface or through traditional pseudo-pilots or both. Software variations support ICAO and FAA phraseology and procedures. Scenario preparation tools are common to all MaxSim systems and exercises are compatible across platforms. System reliability is key to maximizing simulator usage and MaxSim delivers a proven record of better than 98% availability.
MaxSim ... the most widely used ATC simulators in the world.
MaxSim Tower

MaxSim Tower simulators are fully scalable from enclosed 360-degree systems to smaller footprint versions and individual training stations supporting tower local, ground and ramp control. MaxSim enables a mix of cost effective tools to make the best use of hands-on training time to prevent breaks in training continuum that can lead to unnecessary attrition. From single button start-up through system management utilities and supervisor control interfaces, MaxSim Tower systems cut the work involved in the preparation and conduct of training.

MaxSim out-the-window visual displays can be configured vertically or horizontally using a single or multiple visual channels to accomplish the desired field-of-view. The simulation creates a realistic, immersive environment for training including a wide variety of ancillary equipment commonly found in control towers.
MaxSim Radar

MaxSim Radar simulators are suitable for both radar and non-radar procedural training in en route, area and approach control as well as in the design and testing of flight patterns and procedures. Systems also include Precision Approach Radar (PAR) and ATNAVICS simulators. MaxSim Radar supports HLA protocols and can be integrated to stimulate operational systems for training and testing purposes.

MaxSim can be configured for a single radar feed or for a multiple radar mosaic and for single sector or multiple sector operations. MaxSim supports ADS-B simulation and a variety of control safety nets and alarms. Environmental effects such as winds aloft and pressure regions are supported in the simulation affecting flight performance.
MaxSim Mobile Systems

Reliable training on the go. MaxSim Mobile systems are designed to facilitate transport to alternative training locations. They provide the same functionality as a full-sized MaxSim, but in a compact, rapidly deployable package.

3-screen Laptop version – Each system can be operated in Tower, Radar or Par modes supporting tower, ground and radar approach control training. Multiple systems can be networked for team training. Each system is packaged in shock deterrent, hardened cases.

A La Carte version – Provides a more traditional multi-screen Tower setup with ancillary displays and equipment. The system is self-contained for transport with the components dismantled and stored within the lightweight roll-in, roll-out aluminum consoles.
MaxSim Ultra 3D-Tabletop

Back to the future ... Adacel’s MaxSim Ultra 3D Tabletop simulator is a modern interpretation of a long standing ATC training tool – the tabletop trainer. MaxSim Ultra features an interactive 3D tower simulator integrated with a speech recognition control interface and a touchscreen telestrator to offer a new dimension to classroom training. It is a versatile tool for teaching, practice and review. The telestrator enables instructors to electronically illustrate teaching points directly on the display, which can be used horizontally or vertically for ease of presentation to classroom groups.
MaxSim in a Pod

The MaxSim POD configuration is an enclosed Tower setup that features a 2-screen, front projection visual system that can be integrated with Adacel’s InSight BioTrack system. BioTrack utilizes head-tracking to scroll the visual scene increasing the effective vertical and horizontal fields-of-view without the need for additional screens. This helps to reduce the cost and the size of the system. With complete MaxSim functionality the POD supports Tower local as well as ground control training and includes a complete supervisor control station placed outside of the POD.

MaxSim Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is part of Adacel’s vision for the next generation in ATC simulators and training products. The system marries the MaxSim ATC simulator to a virtual reality headset as the primary visual display system. The objective is to create more realistic freedom of movement and to expand fields-of-view while eliminating high cost display systems. Virtual reality presents the ultimate in immersive simulation technology. Visitors at tradeshows where Adacel has demonstrated the system have been amazed by the total engagement experienced in the virtual environment.

InSight Visual Systems

InSight is Adacel’s advanced line of visual system components that is shared across multiple Adacel product lines. InSight includes a powerful 3D scene-renderer based on Microsoft DirectX that provides significant enhancements to realistic visual scene performance and visual acuity particularly in ATC Tower simulator visual systems. InSight also offers plug-ins for Virtual Reality headset support and Adacel’s BioTrack system.

BioTrack follows a user’s gaze to enable extreme horizontal and vertical fields-of-view (FOV) in simulators using inexpensive, small footprint visual systems. The application expands the FOV by seamlessly rotating the scene in relation to the user’s head and eye movement. BioTrack’s passive tracking is transparent to the operator and does not require the use of any attached devices.

The following list provides some of the important features of Adacel’s InSight 3D Scene-renderer. This list is not intended to be all inclusive. Additional InSight plug-in applications and enhancements are ongoing.

Key Feature List
  • Supports 6+ channels per image generator (IG)
  • Enhanced multi-channel visual projection
  • Volumetric clouds with multiple cloud types
  • Enhanced weather effects such as lightning
  • Full scene per pixel lighting
  • Full scene dynamic shadowing
  • Enhanced atmospheric lighting
  • Dynamic aircraft lighting
  • Contour shadowing
  • .FLT and .x model support
  • Articulated vehicle and personnel support
Please contact an Adacel representative for information regarding specific requirements.
Aviation Phraseology Training

Learning the aviation language and gaining the comprehension necessary to apply it correctly are mandatory requirements for air traffic controllers and pilots. Adacel’s Intelligent Communica-tions Environment (ICE) is an easy to use application that utilizes accent tolerant speech recognition to master proper terminology and communications procedures in a non-intimidating environment using FAA or ICAO standard phraseology. ICE includes an open source, AICC compliant learning management system (LMS) or it can be integrated with an existing LMS. Editing tools are also provided to tailor interactive exercises with teaching points and specific local phraseologies. For new controllers and pilots or to build proficiency for aviation English testing, Adacel’s ICE is the ideal tool to learn and practice phraseology, so that it becomes natural speech and not a distraction.